Optimizing your twitter experience, stream and reach

I have rarely trawled through the thumbnail gallery of my twitter contacts, even the list view without search or other filtering/search function is less than pleasant. I happen to stumble upon new people to follow and have absolutely no idea how exactly new and exotic followers like BrooklynPride (Organizer and Producer of Brooklyn’s Annual Gay Pride Celebration) find me.  Now here comes Mr.Tweet. Not only is this a cute name (in the spirit of La Linea or Fatso the Wombat), this is also a good service that might get you more meaningful tweets onto the radar.

Follow Mr. Tweet on Twitter, tweet him “who should i follow” and get a nifty analysis back that allows you to pick some people that seem relevant to your interests and network – the latest tweets, location, follow/follower-ratio and tweet-intensity of that particular person is included.

Mr Tweet analysis

Mr Tweet analysis

You still have to make your mind up whether following a blabbermouth like Scobleizer is worth your attention. Mr.Tweet is still in alpha so I am expecting more meaningful, weighted suggestions and features.

Ideally, Tweetdeck , Twitterific and similar apps will combine this sort of suggestion function together with a stats tool like Tweetrush. After all, we want to reassured that our audience finds us important, no? I was particularly fond of the geekiness and visual appeal of POPrl‘s analysis of click through rates to your tweeted links.

POPrl stats on my tweet click through

POPrl stats on my tweet click through

I also saw twitter apps Twitsig promoting your tweets as images on forums and in emails. Eunmac was trying to integrate this into Outlook and I reckon that improves reach with every email sent… but at the same time, I fear that this would take away some of the early charm. The relative intimacy and thoughtfulness of our current circles would sit uneasily with the work related tediousness of Outlook.

And unless you are Britney Spears and hire a full-time Twitter P.A. (what a job description: “Must be able to twitter even when on the loo!”), there just is no scale to Twittertime!

Twitsig image of my twitter stream

Twitsig image of my twitter stream

I would be keen to know what your favourite twitter apps and extensions are? Maybe that’s a question I’d better tweet


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