Pharrell Williams and Holler (on the Granimator)

OK, we aren’t really tight with the mastermind of N*E*R*D fame. But we did manage to be included in the same wonderful iPad app.
Holler Sydney has contributed to one of the most successful new iPad applications, Granimator. Holler’s contribution is the only one from Australia and was designed by our own Kerry Edward and accompanied by sounds from Sydney musician Eli Murray.

The application which is currently in the Top 10 of free apps in the UK was developed by English studio UsTwo. It lets users design wallpapers, using only their fingers.

Holler pack on Granimator

Holler pack on Granimator

The graphics are sourced from globally recognised illustrators and creative studios such as Airside, Buro Destruct, Rob Bailey, mcbess and Jon Burgerman. And now it also includes cross over groups like N*E*R*D (+ Friends with You).

N*E*R*D on Granimator

N*E*R*D on Granimator

Also worthy of a click:

And just to round it up in style, here’s Pharrell/N*E*R*D with Everyone Nose:


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