Tractor Design School grad show

If you lead an agency or marketing department, you know what the bane of our industry is. It is starved of really good talent. Talent that can fuse genuine, explosive creativity with systemic thinking. The ‘systemic’ part means that these people know a lot about and can use existing digital formats, from media, video or social technologies. And then combine the two realms to form innovative, creative solutions. One of our new recruits, Melissa, actually took a course in Digital Design at Tractor last year, a school established to address this lack of digitally-savvy creative newcomers. And some of the sessions were led by one heck of an inspirational teacher, my colleague Gabriel (see below Mel presenting her project last year).


Gabe and his team mate Dave have kept at it and tirelessly helped teach a new batch of students, the class of 2013, which is now holding their grad show this Thursday.

“Thanks to the generous donation of time by industry experts like Gabriel and the team at Reactive, these young designers are exposed to the best industry practice and processes far sooner than usual. This gives them the experience and confidence to pave the way for the future of Australian Digital Design” says Flyn Tracy, manager and creative leader of Tractor Design School.

So shout out to them for giving back to the industry and raising Reactive’s profile as a place of excellence for digital creativity. If you have time, come along and say hi. Get your tickets here and have a peek at the digital superstars of tomorrow.


Here are a couple of shots from this year’s class visiting the studio at Reactive.

tractorgradshowsmall7 tractorgradshowsmall6 tractorgradshowsmall5 tractorgradshowsmall4 tractorgradshowsmall3


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